In case you hadn't noticed or heard, Apple approved the iPhone App (ISEview) a few days ago. 

Apple indicated that the iPad app should have more features than the iPhone app and/or take advantage of the iPad unique features, so we are going to toss an improved IPad app over the wall to Apple shortly. This will have volume and host performance information as well as full rotational support. Possibly even disk performance info similar to the stat5000 app. This version will also allow you to change the 'administrator' password (the first version was just hardcoded to the default.)

Then, when that gets approved, we will add some of that same functionality back into the iPhone app. Same source code, just different compiles (and the iPhone will have a tad less info as we use up more of the iPad real-estate.)

The first version that went into the Appstore will be packaged up with full sources and put up on this site shortly as well (have to figure out appropriate header for each source file and such).

Other things I would like to see added are:

     1) log viewer

     2) show ISE status/state at the entry screen level

     3) logical view with either

           a)  something similar to my old classic screens which showed fan-in/fan-out of servers to luns in a single screen.

           b) or something similar to my snaphtml viewer that shows a server centric volume ownership listing

Configuration is also pretty easy on an ISE, but that would be called ISEdo :).


   -Todd Burkey