Just a quick update.

Our original iPad submission to the appstore was turned down because it was too similar to the iPhone version. We are in the process of re-submitting a revised iPad ISEview (1.2) that has the following changes made over the original iPhone version:

  • Rotation of screen between Landscape and Portrait in all views is now supported
  • Recent Log Message Viewer was added
  • Scroll ISE/MRC performance bars up and see Volume, Host, and Host HBA performance information
  • Disk View Graphical Analyzer (similar to the STAT5000 disks screen but with a few extra tidbits of info.)
  • Improvement in data retrieval speed
  • Show overall ISE status at the top menu (where you see all the ISEs)
  • Support for tcpproxy (i.e. accessing and ISE through a firewall). From an app point of view this just means we support IP address followed by port (as in
  • Password support (shows the default password on the screen and lets you type in a new one when adding the ISE.)

Actually the new iPhone version has many of these same features, just smaller text and a few less fields displayed for performance information. Once the iPad version is accepted we will upgrade the iPhone version.