Hi all,


Here is a quick sample Python script that will prompt you for an ISE IP address, and an ISE Username / Password.

It then does a CorteX (REST GET) call to http://ISEIPADDRESS/query to get summary data on the ISE, as well as the URI to more detailed info.

The exact URI for the detailed info comes from the "self" attribute of the "array" XML Element.  (see the highlighted entry in the XML snippet from the /query response below)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

 <array self="">

     <status value="0" string="Operational" />



  ... etc ...



Using the username/password supplied, it authenticates and sends a CorteX (REST GET) call to the extracted URI for detailed information.  The script extracts and prints the Status string and the current Temperature from the detailed information.


From here, it should be pretty easy to extract any additional information, or make additional authenticated calls to the ISE..

Happy Coding!