Made a quick change to STAT5000 to hopefully lessen the impact if/when a stale locking file is left lying around (and also to prevent such cases). Since STAT5000 uses a common program (get_xmls.exe) to retrieve xml data from ISEs that other of my apps also use (rest5000 for example), I had put a bit too strict locking logic in (intending more to keep multiple apps from requesting info at the same time from the same user directory). The change is trivial (just ages out the file if it notices if it is older than 5 minutes.)

   Also made perfectly idle disks in the ISE show up as perfectly black disks. This way disks that are doing background work will show up as dark grey as before but now you can see which disks are doing such activities. Geeky thing, but something more to watch.

   BTW, iPhone and iPad apps are interesting. We will get the sources for that up here once we submit the apps to the Apple 'app' store (<3 week programming effort for first time Objective C AND apple API developers also means we need to do some source code cleanup first :) ).