[Almost DONE - 4/26/2010]: This is just a preliminary post that describes the iPhone/iPad App that you may have seen either within Xiotech or at SNW. This application will be put up on the APPStore as soon as the first Restful interface release gets locked down (which is shortly).

[DONE - 4/26/2010]: Karl and I have still have to write the 'Code' section of this document. Some of that will be updated over the next week, the rest before FCS of the restful interface. 

[DONE - 4/26/2010]: Also, we are setting up a cortex.xiotech.com such that you can issue /query and other of the most common restful 'gets' to a simulated (and more importantly consistent) 'ise'. Since all values are static we found such a device very important early on in ensuring that the application got and displayed data correctly. More on this in the blog section later this week. Mentioned here because this will be hardcoded as the default site when the app is first installed (allowing the appstore to test the program for one thing.)