Hi all,


  The attached zip file contains a CortexSample solution (VS2008) with a single project (SampleCode).  This C# project uses basic .NET classes in the System.Net namespace to make both the non-authenticated CorteX (REST) call to /query, and also an authenticated call to get detailed information.


The net result of the project is a console application named GetISEInfo.exe.    It takes three command line arguments, as such:

> GetISEInfo  ise_address  ise_username  ise_password


If you run the project from withing Visual Studio, it supplies the three command line arguments.  To change these, simply open the properties page of the SampleCode project, click on the Debug tab, and update the command line args.


This project does exactly the same thing as the Python sample project.  It makes a CorteX /query call, to get summary information, then pulls out the "self=xxx" attribute, which is the URI to the Authenticated CorteX call that returns detailed information.

It then uses the username/password to create a NetworkCredentials instance, and makes the call to get detailed information.

I use the System.Xml.Linq.XElement object to parse and traverse the XML responses from the CorteX calls.  This project will hopefully give you enough info to get whatever information from an ISE you might want to get.  :)