This is for friends and family when they overhear the term Restful and get a blank look when you start talking storage :).
About Restful, a good response is that most people use it every day.
For example:
You google an address and you see it appear on a map. Here is what happens behind the scenes:
1) you type in an address like 6455 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN to a search program
2) the search program needs to figure out the longitude and latitude so that it can stick a 'pin' in the correct location on a map.
3) Yahoo runs a restful location service, so you construct a simple http 'GET' as follows:
4) and you quickly get back the restful response which has the longitude, latitude, and even the zip in it as follows:
  <?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <ResultSet xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="urn:yahoo:maps" xsi:schemaLocation="urn:yahoo:maps">
- <Result precision="address">
  <Address>6455 Flying Cloud Dr</Address>
  <City>Eden Prairie</City>
<!-- compressed/chunked Tue Apr 13 22:36:04 PDT 2010 
Yahoo went Restful back in 2005 with the following comment in their FAQs:

Q: Does Yahoo! plan to support SOAP?

Not at this time. We may provide SOAP interfaces in the future, if there is significant demand. We believe REST has a lower barrier to entry, is easier to use than SOAP, and is entirely sufficient for these services.

BTW, the appid in the example above is something you get for your specific application from yahoo.